Quin TKD’s Senior Instructors are internationally certified black belts through the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), Irish Sports Council accredited coaches, child protection certified, first aid certified, Garda Vetted and hold Dept. of Education recognised University teaching degrees.

Senior Instructors:

Stephen Ryan, VI Dan

Laura Ryan, V Dan

The Junior instructors in Quin are junior black belts (<18yrs) who assist in classes and in turn are encouraged to take part in the Taekwon-Do Advisory Board (TAB) coaching programme.

Also training and assisting in many classes are other local senior black belt instructors including

Master Tim Forde, VII Dan and

Mr. John Moriarty III Dan

Junior Instructors:

Aidan Morris, II Dan

Shane Tuite, II Dan

James Tuite I Dan

Joanna O’Sullivan II Dan

Katelyn Heir I Dan

Quin TKD Black Belts

Stephen Ryan VI Dan

Laura Ryan V Dan

John Moriarty III Dan

Sarah McMahon II Dan

Aine Cregan II Dan

John Burton II Dan

Luke Moriarty III Dan

Joanne Potter II Dan

Ruth Cullen I Dan

Nicole Moriarty II Dan

Nicola Monaghan II Dan

Declan Staunton I Dan

David Monaghan I Dan

Emma Moriarty I Dan

Declan Dixon I Dan

Shane Tuite II Dan

Aidan Morris II Dan

Daniel Hagon II Dan

Fionn Hagon I Dan

Orla Banting I Dan

Joanna O’Sullivan II Dan

Mikaella Moriarty I Dan

Alice Larkin I Dan

James Tuite I Dan

Amber Nolan I Dan

Ava Nolan I Dan

Paul Matthews I Dan

Jack Flynn I Dan

David Varela I Dan

Katelyn Hehir I Dan

Introduction to Coaching TKD Certificate:

Stephen Ryan

Laura Ryan

Sarah McMahon

Aine Kelleher

Tony Cleary

Aine Cregan

Ronan Murray

Nicola Monaghan

John Moriarty

Emma Moriarty

Joanne Potter

Aidan Morris

Level 1 NCDP Coaching Certificate:

Stephen Ryan

Laura Ryan

Ruth Cullen

John Moriarty

Level 1 NCDP Tutor:

Stephen Ryan