Video Resources

This page offers a number of videos to help you practice at home including home workouts, ITF patterns, ITA Kicking Syllabus and ITA Hand Techniques Syllabus. Scroll down to choose the videos appropriate to your grade.

Home Workouts

Quin TKD Home Workout 1
Quin TKD Home Workout 2

ITF Patterns for each Grade

White Belt Pattern (Saju Jirugi)
White Belt Pattern (Saju-Makgi)
Chon-Ji (Yellow Tag Pattern)
Dan-Gun (Yellow Belt Pattern)
Do-San (Green Tag pattern)
Won-Hyo (Green Belt Pattern)
Yul-Gok (Blue Tag Pattern)
Joong-Gun (Blue Belt Pattern)
Toi-Gye (red Tag pattern)
Hwa-Rang (Red Belt Pattern)
Choong-Moo (Black Tag Pattern)
Kwang-gae (1st Degree Black Belt Pattern)
Po-Eun (1st degree Black Belt Pattern)
Ge-Baek (1st degree Black Belt Pattern)

ITA Kicking Syllabus

White Belt Kicking Techniques
Yellow Tag Kicking Techniques
Yellow Belt Kicking Techniques
Green Tag Kicking Techniques
Green Belt Kicking Techniques
Blue Tag Kicking Techniques
Blue Belt Kicking Techniques
Red Tag Kicking Techniques
Red belt Kicking Techniques

Hand Techniques

White Belt Hand Techniques
Yellow Tag Hand Techniques