Although Quin Taekwon-Do Club is part of the Irish Taekwon-Do Association (ITA) who are the governing body for Taekwon-Do in Ireland and are recognised by Sport Ireland, there is no funding for any athletes within the organisation. For this reason a fundraising committee was set up in the club in 2014 to help raise funds for our international competitors but also for general club members as well.

We would always be delighted to speak with anyone interested in sponsoring our club as there are a number of options available to potential sponsors. If interested, please contact the chairperson below to arrange a meeting.

The fundraising events organised by the committee so far include:

  • Fun Bingo Night
  • Flag Day
  • Clothes Drive
  • Disco
  • Car wash
  • Easter Raffle

Funds raised by the committee have been spent on:

  • National Team competitors
  • International competitors
  • Places on the ITA summer camp (raffled)
  • Personalised club t-shirts for all¬†Irish Cup participants from Quin
  • Christmas movie night
  • Christmas party/Santa visit

The committee are hugely grateful to all those who have assisted in the fundraising to date in any way. We are always interested in fundraising ideas.

To get in touch email