Laura Ryan

Ms. Ryan commenced training in September 2002. She began training with Mr. Ryan when he opened Quin Taekwon-do club in July 2004 and soon began coaching and instructing in the club.

Ms. Ryan has attended a number of International Instructor Courses delivered by the ITF Technical Committee and one International Umpire Course (IUC) delivered by the ITF Tournament Committee. She was successfully promoted to I Degree black belt by Mr. Ken Wheatley VI Degree in July 2006 and most recently was promoted to IV Degree in Decemeber 2012. This puts her as one of the most senior active female Taekwon-Do practitioners in the Irish Taekwon-Do Assocation. She is hoping to test again in December 2015.

As a competitor, Ms. Ryan has won many national medals in patterns, sparring and destruction. She was also a member of the Irish National Team for two campaigns competing in 3rd Dan patterns and senior female team patterns. She has also competed at two World Cups and a number of other smaller international tournaments.

Following retirement as a competitor, Ms. Ryan remains actively involved in tournaments. She was the assistant manager for the National Team for a two campaigns as well as taking on the role as Tournament Adminstrator for the ITA (which she still currently holds). Other than this role, Ms. Ryan is also a member of the Business Development Committee for the ITA.

Along with her Taekwon-Do accomplishments, Ms. Ryan also qualified as a secondary school teacher with 1st class honours from the University of Brighton.